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May 10, 2010

Mrs. Loke’s Language Arts Class

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Here’s What’s Happening In Language Arts This Week:

May 10-14, 2010:

Some of our students have received an invitaion to the 6th grade Awards Ceremony. Our team will be awarded on Monday, May 17th at 5:30 in the cafeteria. If your child received an invitation they will be recognized for Merit Roll, Honor Roll, Principal’s List, or another acadmic award. Please ask them for this invitation and plan to attend.

Homework:1. Last 4 take-home journal entries due 5/17  3. Fractured Fairy Tale Published Copy  due Friday

Here’s what we’re working on in class:

Monday: What rules should I remember when writing dialogue? Review rules for writing dialogue, Drafting and revising fairy tales

Tuesday: What types of figurative language need to be included in my fairy tale? Review figurative language, revise and edit fairy tales, begin decorating covers

Wednesday: What should my published fairy tale include? Review fairy tale checklist, continue the writing process

Thursday:What should my cover include? Review cover requirements, continuew writing process, fairy tales are due Friday at the beginning of the period

Friday: What have you learned about fairy tales? Author’s Celebration

Using Lexile Scores: Your child’s CRCT score sheets also contain a Lexile Level. This is the approximate reading level for your child. To find appropriate books using your child’s Lexile Level go to  and enter in his or her Lexile Level.

Homework Policy: Homework will always be assigned on Monday and be due on Friday! Occassionally a student may need to complete an in-class assignment for homework. Students should always be reading a novel and completing a reading map for an in-class book project each nine weeks. Students should also always be continuing to write in their Take-home journals at least 10 times a Quarter! Directions for the Take-Home Journal are attached to their compostition books!


Tests/ Projects- 40%, Quizzes- 30%, Classwork – 20%, Homework- 5%, Interim Assessments- 5%



August 17, 2009

Mrs. Loke’s Language Arts Class

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What’s Happening In Language Arts This Week?

August 17-21, 2009

Homework- Due Friday: 1. Complete Memory Brainstorm worksheet 2. Bring a favorite Photograph from home

Take-Home Journals: Directions are taped into the composition book. First 5 journal entries are due 9/4!

Here’s what we’re working on in class:

Monday: Reading Pretest, Finish “I Am” Poem

Tuesday: Language Arts Pretest

Wednesday: Writer’s Notebook,Identifying Literary Genres, Book sort

Thursday: Visit Media Center for book checkout, Reading Maps for first book project

Friday: Read “Looking Back”, Share pictures, Begin Brainstorming Personal Narratives

Team 6B:  We will have our first reward time on Thursday with a popsicle party! Students who have earned 5 dog treats thus far can participate! Parents please let me know if you would like to help by bringing in popsicles! Thanks!
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